Resident Evil 3 - THE FACTORY DEMO MOD

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Resident Evil 3 - THE FACTORY DEMO MOD

Mensaje por clubbiohazard » 15 Jul 2020 12:43

Meanwhile i finish the Upcoming RE2 mod with brand new features never seen before on PSX i bring you something that never happend here on my channel and it's release one of my mods.

NOTE : This is only for this ocasion and if i see support i will think on do another re3 hardcore demo mod in other area

IF you are new on this channel, the rest of my mods are private, and this is the only exception.

Enjoy it !


Special thanks :

Thanks to Themitosan and Khaled !

Thanks everyone for watching !
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#Disclaimer : For all the new subs or people that doesn't know the function of this channel. I create mods by my self and with the only purpose of see how far can i go on Console modding like PS1, PS2,PS3, Gamecube or PC , those mods are private and i apreciate if all of you respect that decision, [ EXCEPT ON THIS CASE ] so if you suscribed please do because you like what you see and not to expect some kind of download or something, because this is not the purpose of this chanel. Thank you !
By: Biohazard España
Fuente: Resident Evil 3 - THE FACTORY DEMO MOD - PUBLIC DOWNLOAD - [ Playstation Mod ]

A mi me encanta este tipo de mod que sacan, aquí en el foro hay varios que generan este contenido.

Si tienen ganas de intentarlo, pueden descargarlo que en la descripción está el enlace, solo sigan las instrucciones que les piden.
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