Microtransacciones de Gears of War 4

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Microtransacciones de Gears of War 4

Mensaje por Caleb » 17 Oct 2016 04:47

Creo que Ill este año volverá a hacer un resumen sobre el año de la industria, y entre las cosas que ya vio de Mankind Divided y Mafia 3 vengo a horrorizarlo un poco más xD

Gears of War 4 Microtransactions Are Out of Control

Algunos fragmentos:

"Gears of War 4 launched October 11th, 2016, five days before the time of this writing. Players who pre-ordered the Gears of War 4 Ultimate Edition for $100 (or $130 in Canada) could play four days early. Either way, it launched with a Store full of the always-controversial microtransactions which are awkwardly becoming the norm for triple-A franchise releases, even for games such as this with a full retail price tag."

"The franchise’s new developer, The Coalition, promised a while before release that the game’s card system and randomized loot boxes would be for cosmetic items and would be entirely optional. In no way would these card packs – which can be purchased through in-game credits or real-life money – affect the competitive versus mode. What they did not say up front is how ridiculously overpriced they’d be, that they’d be the focus of launch week updates and communications with the community, and that they’d turn the game’s cooperative Horde mode into a pay-to-win environment."

"The threads on the Gears of War 4 subreddit and official Gears of War forums are primarily focused on feelings of being “ripped off” and boycotting the Store all-together, sprinkled in with claims that the game forces players through tedious grinds to earn enough in-game credits with the ultimate goal of pushing them towards paying more. And they aren’t wrong. That’s exactly what it is by design."

"You can play play all 50 waves of Horde mode over a span of hours and still not be able to afford the cheapest in-game pack for that mode. But you can pay real money and get those cards and those bonuses and be a stronger player in that mode and save that time and effort. All it takes is some of that real money. Don’t worry about the purchase price of the game. They know you’ve spent $60 or $100 already. The microtransactions are totally optional! Except they’re not if you want to have the highest damage weapons and in-game buffs for Horde mode."

"In just five days, they’ve added three additional (and more expensive) packs. And for those who don’t pay, they’re stuck with an unrewarding and problematic grind. The layer on top of all of this, is that it’s a form of gambling as well. Players cannot choose what skins to buy, they can only hope for the best from randomized card packs which so far have proven to have awful drop rates for the better goods."

Todo el resto de la nota: http://screenrant.com/gears-of-war-4-mi ... ntroversy/

Nuevamente nos encontramos con prácticas de este estilo, cada vez peor implementadas. Y es que si va por lo del modo Horda, aún así es injustificable si el puto modo venía con el juego.

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Re: Microtransacciones de Gears of War 4

Mensaje por Jmfgarcia » 17 Oct 2016 05:27

Usualmente no me molestan las microtransacciones cosméticas que no afectan el gameplay, pero lo que han hecho aquí si es perfectamente denunciable.

Te ponen un sistema en el que puedes conseguir recompensas pagando o ganandotelas, nada mal, pero lo han montado de tal forma que incluso para ganarte dichas recompensas se te incita a invertir dinero real para facilitarte una tarea diseñada de tal forma que resulte sumamente tediosa cuando no pagas.

Y encima no compras los skins, compras un ticket de loteria para ganarte un skin, por lo que si tienes muy mala suerte, gastarás mucho dinero-tiempo para ganarte el que tu quieres. Habia escuchado que este sistema estaba siendo implementado en algunos Mobas y me parece se presta bastante para aprovecharse de lo adictivo que puede resultar el sistema.